IS The Bible True Or Did Jesus Lie?

Luke 6:27-35
In the above passages we see Jesus telling His disciples to

  • LOVE their enemy
  • DO their enemy GOOD
  • HELP their enemy
  • GIVE TO their enemy … etc …
    Nowhere do we find Jesus tell the disciples to
  • Rebuke their enemy,
  • Curse their enemy
  • Bind their enemy
  • Kill their enemy
  • Run away from or avoid their enemy
    Rather, He goes further to tell the disciples not to request back that which the enemy defrauded them of. He then concludes by telling them to be merciful even as His Father (our Father) in Heaven is merciful.
    Romans 12:20-21 = Here Apostle Paul teaches us to do good to our enemy and to overcome evil with good.
    This is perplexing given that no one would do such ‘good’ to their enemies.
    QUESTIONS: I believe the first thing is to understand who Jesus terms as our enemy and who we term as our enemy.
    From the Word of God, we understand that we have just one enemy which is compounded by Satan and his demons (all fallen angels).
    • Is Jesus telling us to do good to Satan and his demons?
    • Who is our enemy that Jesus and Apostle Paul refer to?
    • Can this be true? Can these truly be the mind of God towards us?
    • Is it truly possible for us to do this as Jesus said?
    • Was this just mere talk by Jesus and the Apostles, a faking?
    • Did Jesus truly expect us to do as He said to the disciples if we too are his disciples?
    • Would Jesus Himself do the same?
    • Did Jesus do the same as He is asking us to?
    • Why would Jesus ask us to do such a thing, is it impossible?
    • In the days of killing our enemies with prayers and hating them, how do we fulfill these Scriptures? …..

Coming up … Answers…

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